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What Is Psychotherapy?

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"For me, therapy starts with creating an atmosphere that feels safe and authentic so that a genuine relationship forms. And within that relationship, creating the opportunity to receive and share real feedback that will help you accomplish your goals."

Therapy is not a word that is easily defined in general terms. It varies based on the needs and personality of the client and the therapist. It changes and transforms based on the particular problem being addressed. Each individual seeks out therapy for a unique reason. Whether the need is self exploration, behavior modification, repairing a relationship with a loved one, help dealing with a trauma or help with a life change, therapy is a vehicle to provide insight, tools, accountability and a means to cope.  We all can benefit from non-judgmental support, guidance and caring attention.

What Does Therapy Look Like?


The process of therapy begins with an initial session exploring your individual concerns.  My goal is to understand your story and get all relevant information from your perspective, in order to formulate a treatment plan.  Together we will target a goal for therapy.  Depending on the individual circumstances, you may come on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or ‘as-needed’ basis.  A commitment of 3 to 4 sessions is generally necessary to determine our fit as therapy partners and to determine the length for continuing treatment.  I also often suggest work that can be done between sessions to practice and integrate the work we do together.  This is an effective way to move therapy along more quickly and makes a stronger impact in your daily life.

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