Lindsay Burns. LPC Associate
 Contact her (512) 537-9368

I strive to create an authentic, accepting, and open environment for you to feel completely safe and comfortable in. I work with adult individuals and couples. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, grief, self-esteem issues, relationship problems, communication issues, and life transitions. I come from a person- centered and holistic mindset, utilizing CBT techniques. For couples, I also utilize the Gottman Method. My work is LGBTQIA+ affirming because our identities are sacred. I enjoy working with couples of all types (married, unmarried, premarital, and nontraditional). I believe that relationships are the most rewarding aspects of our lives. Relationships can be complex, but partners who are truly committed to the process can overcome trauma and past wounds to build more beautiful and fulfilling partnerships.

Together we will process what you’re going through, analyze patterns, create goals, and work towards growth.   Email: lindsayburnscounseling@gmail.com




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Austin Hudson, LPC Associate
Contact him (512) 851-0950

  As a therapist specializing in children and teens, I've found the most impactful thing I can be is a non-judgmental, encouraging, and authentic voice. Children and teens need validation and a warm and caring adult who will work to understand the difficulties they experience. In my time providing these services, I've realized that we never grow out of needing these qualities. In other words, my work with children and teens has guided me to approach my work with adults in a more holistic and compassionate fashion.

         So, whether you are a single adult, a couple, a family, or a single teen or child, I am always cognizant that what you likely need the most is a non-judgmental, warm, and listening ear. I believe it is a privilege to provide that service as an emotionally safe space for another human being. I love what I do and assure you that I will always keep in mind the responsibility this job entails and prioritize your emotional experience as the client.  www.AustinHudsonTherapy.com

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Ashley Woodford, LPC Associate
Contact Her (512) 379-6027

As a therapist, I aim to create a safe space for you to be your authentic self while you embark on your journey and meet you where you are without negative judgment. Through my years of experience as a teacher, I realized the importance of genuinely listening, not only to words but to body language and facial expressions, and I value sharing time and space with you as you explore what self-growth and healing mean to you.


I’m currently accepting new clients, and I focus on anxiety, depression, parenting/co-parenting, religious hurt, generational trauma, and gender/sexuality struggles. My work is LGBTQ+ affirming. My methods and tools range from CBT to EMDR (Level I & II trained). I believe in educating the client on how experiences impact our brain and empowering them to find control through meditation and breath work.



Jenn Lamm, LPC Asssociate
Contact her 512-522-7746

After years of helping hundreds of students and families as a school counselor, I am thrilled to now be able to dedicate myself to my role as a therapist, and strive to improve access to mental health services for tweens and teens. Some see counseling as a proactive way to process their life as it unfolds, others seek counseling for relief or change. We all have the power to heal and improve our wellbeing. Whether you are ready for change, or maybe just contemplating what that journey might look like, consider taking that journey with me. I utilize talk, play and expressive techniques to connect with tweens and teens as well as parents/guardians. My office is more than a sofa and chairs. I am passionate about providing both expressive and regulation activities to aide in the counselor client relationship and to process the inner workings of the mind, body and heart. I support adolescents struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, divorce, and attachment issues. Psycho-education is also a component of my practice as well; this means helping the client understand what might be goin on,  in a way that helps motivate them to cope and improve their circumstance. I am a lifelong learner and am constantly involved in trainings to keep current with evidence-based approaches, research and science. Find more information here: https://www.powerfulyouthcounseling.com/

E-mail: hello@powerfulyouthcounseling.com