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Ashley Woodford, LPC Associate

Contact Her (512) 379-6027

As a therapist, I aim to create a safe space for you to be your authentic self while you embark on your journey and meet you where you are without negative judgment. Through my years of experience as a teacher, I realized the importance of genuinely listening, not only to words but to body language and facial expressions, and I value sharing time and space with you as you explore what self-growth and healing mean to you.


I’m currently accepting new clients, and I focus on anxiety, depression, parenting/co-parenting, religious hurt, generational trauma, and gender/sexuality struggles. My work is LGBTQ+ affirming. My methods and tools range from CBT to EMDR (Level I & II trained). I believe in educating the client on how experiences impact our brain and empowering them to find control through meditation and breath work.

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